Training begins.

Updated: Sep 15

To get Valko to do anything I first must has her attention. Not so easy when she's deaf. Stamping my foot can get cause the vibrations to get her attention. Flashing a torch can work too. I prefer lightly tapping her twice on the back. This she will learn means I want her attention.

One of the most important sign cues you can teach your deaf dog is the “watch me” sign.

Hear is my plan for that.

1. Use a high value treat. I use small pieces of chicken breast or hot dog.

2. I put the treat under Valko's nose so she can get a good scent of what’s in my hand and I then move it up towards my face. I point at my nose each time.

3. When she makes eye contact with me, I give her a thumbs up sign (the marker) and then treat her immediately.

The thumbs up sign combined with the treat is confirmation to her that she did a good job.

The finger pointing to my nose is the sign for look at me.

I practice this often then when she always looks at me I've got my first sign taught and my lure/reward set. The thumbs up should always be accompanied by a treat, even if that's just a cuddle, but preferably something more high value.

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