10 Day in.

Updated: Sep 18

Well that's me been with this lot for 10 days now. I'm

settling in really well. Skye plays with me sometimes but I think Meg will take a bit more effort to win over. I just don't get her! everyone loves getting bitten, right? Not Meg, apparently.

I found the families toys. They keep them at the side of the fridge. But they don't let me play with them, SELFISH! I keep getting them out to play with and they keep pointing at me an wagging their fingers! But I think I can wear them down if i just keep getting them.

I've been outside a couple of times carried like some kind of baby! I just want to get down and run around with Skye and Meg, but I have to wait until I get a "jag" next week. No idea what that is, hope its like hot dogs.

Anyway I've got things to bite.

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