Papa Joe's Dog Training.

Offering 1 to 1 dog training lessons. (£25 per hour)

Classes are not always right environment for some people, nor do they suit all dogs, and there are lots of different reasons why. maybe you work shifts and cant make classes, you don't feel comfortable in groups or maybe your dog is nervous around others.

I've been around dogs since I was born, as a toddler falling asleep in my Papa's kennels cuddling into 6 German shepherd puppies, watching him take dog training classes as a young boy. to raising and training my own dogs as an adult. It was always a dream to turn my love of dogs from hobby to career but life didn't pan out that way until in 2019 i took the leap. I started Papa Joe's Pet Services. Initially dog walking and home boarding while I gained the necessary qualification and experience to expand. First into dog grooming and then dog training.


Surprisingly there is no regulation within the field of dog training with regards to qualifications. However I have received a distinction in the Open college diploma in dog training, dog psychology and puppy training, pet first aid & CPR, online seminars on dog aggression and fighting and will be volunteering with Any dog will do rescue for additional experience with dogs with specific issues. This along with a lifetime of training my own dogs gives me the confidence to feel ready to offer 1 to 1 training to others.

I'm an advocate of positive reinforcement training methods and will never use any of the outdated dominance theory, Alpha dog or dominance training theory. Please click links to read more.

Using positive reinforcement to train your dog means you reward the behaviours you like and ignore but never punish the behaviours you do not like. You can use praise, life rewards such as games/toys, or treats to reward your dog's good behaviour. This type of training will foster a stronger bond with your dog as opposed to them being in fear of doing "something wrong". 

All sessions are tailored to you and your dogs needs. We can go through individual cues/commands to teach the basics etc. But I believe it better to help give you the tools to be able to continue the training to whatever level you wish. There is no quick fix it takes time and a lot of patience to condition a dog. But with some simple understanding of positive reinforcement techniques and the right attitude anyone and any dog can do it.

Initial meeting is free where we will discuss what it is you are looking to achieve and decide a plan for getting there. After this sessions are at least 60 minutes long (longer if we are having fun) and cost £25. They can be held at your home, local park or a suitable place of your choosing. Follow up advice is always available via phone or message. 

We have recently got a new puppy, Valko, who we discovered is deaf. I am currently researching and studying alternate ways in which to train her. This journey will be posted in a blog on this site. Which i hope will help others that find themselves with a deaf dog. But also to show even with this disability they can live full and enjoyable lives.

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